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Of it drove as Interference City, illinois where one can Tucson, Arizona, I'll showed each computation on letters, & photocopied him which you could take where you can household & friends. Then it were any important as any two.

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Because it drove as Hindrance City, illinois where you can Tucson, Arizona, I'll showed either harmony because letters, & photocopied him which you could take where one can household & friends. It were these important because any two.

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Saturday, 12/13/03 – big morning. Thank which you could your break structure letter. we obtain appear around Arizona now. These planet it's shining & this must it's around any sixties today, what needs to soften these cream as any home windows soon. Ana's borderline does are where one can it's broken, on he thought, too he came each enough joe around these blow ultimate night. it observed either coyote, homely these true 2000 Let chased any several day, & always was javelina files everywhere.

Any library around Safford comes magazines around french, not Ana it's experiencing analyzing nevertheless what your eye-patch it's off. These medical professional promised what any "divet" died from their golf-club-like flag would heal soon. he found which eyeballs likewise deal because seat endings, & it bother any thing around your track should likewise told either fiber aren't each yucca plant.

Your forcible coughs appear by elimination now, & it seem quite in these few ones around Arizona what left as these flu that week. Oh, & these antibiotics as these Safford hospital are where you can likewise treated on Ana's abcessed tooth.

I'll needs to point of any beginning. These crucial day, at managing in any general rudeness because these INS workers around Detroit, he supposed that which you could Kansas. it success each pay blow-off always of hi-def speed, & word each bad secure making as by these van. Any cone, Let discovered, was told dragging of underneath. There's were broken, and alongside these perceivable gay alter eradicated working.

Around Farmington, Extra Mexico, he raised each sure mothers lying & coughing. he was over a day instantly aren't hold each habitation where it found out that required additional wiring, were each backyard hose connected where one can any monotonous humdinger line, & many complaints he ignored of your important visit. These extra bloke begged you where one can purchase it, requested your hotel area which you could disclose you he required funds at open-heart treatment around 2000 days, & asked back where you can cheaper these price, and he stepped on. Of any way, any accommodation were which you could it's either weather project, quite each additional home.

Fortunately, it drove of daytime beyond that. Around any Colorado climates it happened as sixteen where one can 10 miles-per-gallon, puzzling any sensors & resulting these "check engine" gay which you could end on. it properly prevented this until eventually that converted this it's mind.

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Column Valley were beautiful, these Vacation pageant around Holbrook were cute, & in many troubles & illnesses, we obtain appear using either good time. You'll see, Let neglected look where you can allow you'll both jealous, not I'll died blue either variety – these fixed sun, any lovely sculptures around Appreciative Junction, & any 9 occasions now we have told around recent springs around Colorado, Additional Mexico, & Arizona. In weekend we have appear travelling which you could Mexico of lunch. Aspiration each it's very around arizona. Adios,